DIY – Should You Repair your Roof Leak or Hire a Professional Roofer

Do you love doing projects around the house? With home repairs, that can save plenty of money. However, even handy DIYers need to be careful with roof repairs. Your home is your most important asset, and when your roof requires repairs, it can affect your entire house. It is easy to make costly mistakes.


There is a certain pride that comes with meeting a challenge around your home. Fixing your own roof can provide you with tremendous satisfaction. However, many homeowners find the job can prove more time-consuming and difficult than first expected. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, roofs that lack proper maintenance will last through only half of their expected service life. In addition, 16 percent of homeowners sustain injuries while engaged in roof repairs.

The fact is, repairing your roof may appear fun and challenging, but most times, DIY can cause more damage and end up costing you more than hiring a professional roofer.

Why Hire a Professional Roofing Contractor

There are several logical reasons to hire an experienced roofing contractor when your roof requires repairs:

  1. A professional roofer has years of knowledge and gained experience. Roofing problems can become complex, and you can trust a professional to handle and solve unexpected problems. 
  2. Training not only allows a professional to repair any roofing problem, but they may also spot potential future hazards. For example, while the roofer is repairing broken shingles they may notice faulty flashing around the chimney that could cause a serious leak into the home if left untreated. You can prevent costly future repairs by fixing the problem as quickly as possible. 
  3. A professional will not only complete repairs but will keep aesthetics and curb appeal in mind – an important consideration with selling your home.
  4. Your insurance company may consider it advisable to check with them before beginning any DIY project.  

Dangers of Fixing Your Roof

Repairing your roof may not always be the right way to go. Many things can go wrong and increase your problems:

  1. Unless you have some expertise, you could misidentify the problem or how to fix it. A professional roofer has experience with every type of roofing situation.
  2. A misdiagnosis may lead to further damage to the roof. The simple act of mishandling a shingle can damage those around it. Not repairing a flashing correctly can cause or intensify a leak.
  3. Climbing a roof is dangerous. Walking around a steep-pitched roof can lead to slippage and a fall. The best way to avoid injuries is to let a professional handle the work.
  4. Unless the work is done properly, any DIY attempts can waste time and money. Further, the insurance company may not pay for DIY work, and they may argue negligence on your part for attempting any repairs. 

Benefits of Using a Professional Roofing Contractor 

  1. With a major investment such as your home at stake, a professional roofing contractor buys you peace of mind. You can rely on him or her to do the job correctly the first time. They are familiar with most roofing problems and know the best way to handle them. In addition, a professional uses the latest tools and technologies to ensure the best job. Investing in a professional means investing in your home.
  2. When it comes to long-lasting roof repairs, quality material can make all the difference. A roofing contractor deals with top suppliers and develops a relationship with them. The fact is, roofing materials are not all the same, and cheap materials can cost more in the long run. As a homeowner, it may be tempting to purchase cheaper materials to save money. As usual, however, you get what you pay for. Contractors have access to high-quality materials that will last the longest and require fewer repairs in the future. They get these supplies at the best prices, partly because they buy in bulk, and pass those savings on to the homeowner. An individual homeowner would not receive these discounts. This is another way using a professional roofer will guarantee you the best price.
  3. Repairing your roof can involve city permits, and these can be a pain. A professional roofer knows the procedure and can walk you through it. They will get the needed permits, saving you stress and time. Never underestimate the sheer convenience of using a professional.
  4. A reputable roofing company will offer warranties on the material it uses and support for said material. They will be there when needed. Support is an invaluable part of roof repair and roof replacement.

What To Look for In a Roofing Contractor

If you decide to use a professional roofing contractor, you want the best contractor available. Hiring the cheapest contractor is probably not your best option. Consider the reason this contractor is willing to work at lower prices – he likely has a history of botched jobs and inexperience.

Look for a roofing contractor:

  1. That is licensed and insured. A professional contractor is required to have both. If they do not, they are not professionals.
  2. That is supported by a warranty. Only a contractor with experience and confidence will offer a warranty and guarantee its work.
  3. No contractor is worth the price if he or she does not offer continued support. Ensure that the contractor of your choice will be there to address your future concerns when needed.
  4. A good reputation is priceless. Check with past customers and ask about the quality of work delivered by the contractor. Would they hire him again?
  5. Roofing can be complex. Ensure that your contractor is experienced enough to be knowledgeable about all aspects of roof repair and replacement.


It is tempting to want to save money by fixing roof problems on your own. However, it can easily cost you even more money. If in doubt, consult with a professional roofing contractor. And ensure that your roof receives an annual professional inspection to control any problems as quickly as possible.