Many of us have had a roofing scammer knock on the door. After a storm or on a Saturday when you’re home from work, they’ll walk up and tell you that they noticed some damage to your roof.
They’ll use a glut of tactics to try and convince you that you need to replace your roof in a hurry!
While you may have damage to your roof, this is probably not the right contractor for the job.

Don’t be scammed by underhanded contractors

Be aware of these shady tactics and do some research before you hire any roofing contractor. 

Check the BBB for complaints, look for online reviews, verify that they have a license in the state.

Here are seven red flags that you may be dealing with a shady roofer.


Asking for Payment Upfront

If a roofing contractor asks you for full upfront payment or a very large deposit, beware! The larger the upfront payment, the greater your exposure. A shifty contractor will ask for as much money as possible upfront and then not show up to do the work, Leaving you with a hole in your bank account and a roof still in need of repair. A deposit is not uncommon to start roofing work but be cautious of a request for excessive upfront money.



A trustworthy roofing contractor understands that your roof is a big decision. They won’t try to pressure you into a hasty choice. If you feel that the roofing contractor is trying to hurry you into a decision without consideration, it’s a bad sign that they are a scammer. Don’t be bullied into a poor choice; you should feel comfortable with your roofing contractor.


Storm Chasers

No article about roofing scams is complete without discussing storm chasers. These aren’t those crazy, loveable guys following tornadoes through the Midwest. These are the scammers that blaze a path of deceit through innocent neighborhoods after a big storm. They Hope to snag as many vulnerable homeowners as possible before abruptly moving on, with your money, to the next area.

They’ll tell you that your roof was damaged during the storm and try to convince you that you need to take action NOW! Once they have your money, you’ll never see them again.

If you suspect that your roof was damaged by the storm, you should contact a trusted local roofing contractor to determine your best course of action.


Seems too good to be true.. low bid

When you’re suddenly faced with the expense of a new roof or major roof repairs, it’s easy to be taken in by low price. Finding the most cost-effective solution often means higher upfront costs. If a roofing contractor uses quality material and does superior work, you can expect to pay a little more. This upfront cost usually translates into greater long-term savings.

A contractor that waves the carrot of “low price” will typically do poor work, use low-quality materials, or not finish the job at all.


False Claims of Damage, Or Worse

How much do you trust this person who just knocked on your door? Do you trust them enough to believe that your roof is damaged, simply because they said so, or enough to let them climb atop your roof and report on the damage they find?

Unscrupulous roofers may actually create damage to your roof themselves.

Don’t allow a stranger up on your roof. If you are concerned about potential damage, contact a trusted local roofer.

RED FLAG #6- Insurance Fraud

Be careful of roofing contractors who offer to cover your insurance deductible or give you free incentives involving insurance. These can be warning signs that the contractor intends to play games with insurance payments.

Never let your roofing contractor negotiate with your insurance company. Negotiate with your insurance adjuster to determine the damage and payout on your claim.

Never sign over your insurance benefits to your roofing contractor(Assignment Of Benefits – or AOB).


Contractors Without a License

Most states require a license to perform roofing work. Florida is especially strict about contractor licensing due to the many scams after big storms and hurricanes.

Always ask to see proof of a contractor’s license. Better yet, look it up yourself before making contact.

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Whether you choose JD Contractors or another trusted local roofing contractor, we hope this article helped make your decision simpler and safer.

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